Real talk: upcycling is pretty awesome. It’s just really neat that with a little crafting magic, you can give an item a brand new use. That’s just what happens in today’s episode of Do It, Gurl, as Jamie is showing how to make a CD case photo cube! Yup, those old cases that used to hold the CDs you’ve already put on your computer can now be turned into a fun cube that shows off some favorite photos and acts as a fabulous bit of DIY room decor. Watch the above video tutorial in order to find out how they are made!

Ruler & Writing Utensil
Strong Super Glue / Hot Glue
CD Cases

Step 1: Measure CD Case
Step 2: Create Four Photos
Step 3: Insert Photos in Cases
Step 4: Glue Cases Together

Are you going to make a CD case photo cube to display photos? Would you do a single cube or stack multiple cubes? Tell us in the comments!

Learn two ways to make silhouette decor!


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