Last year, Jamie showed a few ways to make DIY wire rings, but when you aren’t wearing your homemade jewelry, where can you store it? Yes, Jamie has showed a couple different DIYs for organizing jewelry, like her jewelry tree and jewelry box from a book, but today’s craft is specifically about storing rings with a DIY that puts them on display. In this episode of Do It, Gurl, Jamie is making a ring holder! As this tutorial shows, with a few materials and steps, you can start neatly storing your rings in rows – making it easy to quickly check out what you have in your collection and pick your sparkle for the day! Watch the video above to find out how this ring holder display is made.

Foam Hair Curlers
Cutting Tool & Mat
Adhesive (double-sided tape to Hot Glue)
Any Frame, Box or Box Lid

Step 1: Decorate Box
Step 2: Create Rolls
Step 3: Adhere Rolls to Box

Do you have a lot of rings? Are you going to make a ring display? What other kinds of jewelry-related DIYs would you like to see Jamie try? Tell us in the comments!

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