Jamie has showed how to make a cell phone holder for when it’s charging, but what about a holder to prop it up when you want to watch something on the screen? That’s where today’s episode of Do It, Gurl comes in, as Jamie shares three DIY hacks to hold your cell. These nifty ideas include an easel, a wire holder and one you can make with any kind of figurine! Basically you can tailor these hacks to your own personal style, all in order to get a convenient way to keep your phone propped up when needed.

If you want even more cell phone DIY ideas, be sure to check out her galaxy print phone case and her colorful paper phone case tutorials. These crafts are truly phone-omenal – hey, it’s not a Do It, Gurl episode without some puns, right?

Are you going to try one of these cell phone holder hacks? What other kinds of cell phone DIYs would you like to see? Tell us in the comments!

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