There are a bunch of people out there trying to become the next big YouTube star, but only a few are lucky enough to really make it. Well, once I saw this video of Claire Wineland, I knew she was going to be one of those lucky few. She posted a video on her channel (aptly named The Clairity Project) called “Perks of Going to the Hospital,” which was a fresh and hilarious take on hospital life. See, Claire has cystic fibrosis and has lived in and out of the hospital for quite some time. And she’s not letting her illness get her down. This girl is amazing! I lived in the hospital for a while, and I wish I had Claire’s strength and positive attitude when I was there.

She’s currently reviewing Fox’s new show, The Red Band Society, which features different kids with different illnesses. One of the characters, Dash, has CF too so she offers some great insights to that story line. Claire also talks candidly about her illness and just living her life to let everyone know that sick people are still people. I basically love her.

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