I’m not a fan of online dating, but a lot of my friends use Match and OKCupid. A lot of my friends also use Tinder, which I’m really not into based on the countless horrible stories I’ve heard about it. I’ve never used Tinder and never will, especially after watching this video. These bros, who operate as Simple Pickup on YouTube, decided to do a social experiment with Tinder. They had a woman post her profile as is and then show up to the dates in a fat suit and makeup. The results are horrible. One guy gets mad that she lied to him because it was a waste of gas and time, another says he’s going to the bathroom and leaves, another says he’s married. One guy is a human being and stays and actually gets to know her.

To make things fair, Simple Pickup did the same experiment with a guy. The results are so different. Some of the girls are surprised and even say he looks different than his picture, but the majority of them stick around and have a great conversation. Then they set up second dates!

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  • Kate

    I would love to have seen their reactions when they took off the fat suits

  • Chidera

    At the very least, the men could have stayed until the end of the date….

  • anna

    “If a woman has big hands and an Adam’s apple you know what that means…” what a dumbass!