We love Laci Green because she’s a rad feminist, but she’s also a great resource for health issues too. Granted, she’s not a doctor and always encourages viewers to see a doctor if they think something is really wrong. What I love about her is that she makes health topics relatable and doesn’t say anything that will scare you. In her latest video, she shares some vagina “hacks” and discusses some at-home remedies for common vagina health issues like yeast infections and cramps! You should definitely watch it!

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  • KernalK

    While I’m aware that Laci is not a doctor and her videos are informative (and fun!) but I find some of her hacks for yeast infections questionable. Stuffing garlic and yogurt fingers up my hoo-ha is really supposed to relieve the symptoms of a yeast infection??

    Unless women in Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt had similar remedies, I’m not sure how either garlic or yogurt topically applied would help. Wouldn’t they change the vaginal ph balance? Experts says that douches promote infection and there’s no need to use regular soap down there so I don’t know why food should be any different. Even if it is superfood, sort of.

    She does say in her video DIRTY VAG!NAS that garlic and yogurt are two of the best things to eat to maintain vaginal health though so maybe it would be less trouble to eat the damn stuff. I know I rather would.