I’m not sure how I missed this video back in January, but it looks like it only went viral recently. YouTuber Savannah Brown posted a slam poem called “What Guys Look For In Girls.” It’s not exactly what you’d think. Instead of a video about what guys look for in girls, Savannah unloads insecurities and discusses how women are taught from a young age to hate themselves. She expresses in three minutes what every girl has felt in her life. She goes on to talk about how loving yourself and not living according to society’s standards is what guys really should look for. I don’t know about y’all, but Savannah made me feel a lot better about myself today. If you want to know more about her, HuffPo Teen has an exclusive interview!

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  • Cora-chan38

    My ultimate question for girls is why do you care to begin with? I’m a girl also, but I’ve never understood why I nor others should make an effort to appear attractive to guys. Of course you should make an effort to be a pleasant person and look put together, but for your own personal betterment and enjoyment, not so a guy will grace you with his attention. If a guy is interested in me I certainly don’t want it to be because I did myself up like peahen attempting to cross-dress as a peacock.

  • Lucia

    It’s called ‘What guys look for in girls’ because it’s a response video to Nash Grier’s ‘What guys look for in girls’ which the original version was taken off youtube as it was very offensive and sexist.

  • Kalesta

    I LOVE HER. this video was a response to a video made by three boys who said what they claimed what girls should look like. She is amazing.

  • umm

    Um , who cares? If a guy likes you, he likes you and if he doesn’t, oh well.