Everyone’s still talking about Frozen and praising it for flipping the Disney Princess trope on its head, which reminds me that I still need to go see it. If you’ve ever been wondering how Queen Elsa would fit in with the rest of the Disney ladies, you’re not alone. And you don’t have to wonder anymore because this Frozen musical shows you exactly how it would go down. We definitely wouldn’t mind hanging out with Elsa ourselves!

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  • awkwardGal22

    Don’t hate on me! I really didn’t like Frozen. When I watched I was expecting something AMAZING, but to me it was a little below average. Frozen had a great concept, but wasn’t pushed to it’s full potential. The characters aren’t well defined, we don’t get much personality from Elsa as much as we do Anna or Olaf. The plot and story doesn’t make sense. Why and how did Elsa get powers. Why are there trolls in the middle of the forest, they are really out of place? Did no one care about Kristoff or go back for him when he was little? I also feel like Elsa doesn’t portray good characteristics. For example, running away from her fears and responsibilities. This little musical also portrays Elsa as being a bitch to me and excludes princesses like Merdia. I also didn’t really enjoy the music, was nobody bothered about that out of place trying to be like The Lion King african music in the beginning?

  • ali

    i loved it!

  • The Doctor

    You might not need a man, but I think you do need a Doctor.