Happy Foodsday Tuesday! You may recall that a while back, Hayley talked all about her crush on Chipotle Mexican Grill. You also may remember that Hayley is a vegetarian, and it turns out that this restaurant she loves happens to have a vegetarian meat option on their menu! On today’s episode, Hayley is giving it a try and reporting back.

Watch the video now to see what Hayley thinks of the vegetarian meat option at Chipotle. As always, be sure to check back here tomorrow afternoon for another new episode of What’s Up With Hayley!

Have you ever tried the vegetarian meat option at Chipotle? Are there other things you like to order at Chipotle? What are some of your favorite restaurants? Tell us in the comments!

Hayley’s Crush: YouTuber aFriendlyArab a.k.a. Jana

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