If you’ve ever been on the Internet, then you know who Lil Bub is, and you love him. And if you aren’t familiar with Lil Bub, then frankly, I’m ashamed for you. Lil Bub is an adorable cat who is famous for always looking like a surprised, cute, flawless kitten. Lil Bub always looks like he’s sticking his tongue out and it’s freakin’ amazing.

Anyway, now there is footage of Lil Bub as an 8-week-old kitten. And if you thought Lil Bub couldn’t get any cuter, then you’ve obviously never thought of Lil Bub as a tiny kitten. Seriously, watch this right now:

Did you think this video was cute? Are you a fan of Lil Bub? What’s your favorite animal video? Tell me in the comments!


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