I think one of everyone’s New Year’s resolutions was to get more organized. It was definitely one of Jamie’s so of course she found a way to make organization cute and fun. This week on Do It, Gurl! Jamie is showing you how to make an adorable and super easy nail polish rack. It’s the perfect way to store and display all of your different polish shades and will help you clean up some clutter. You could also use something like this to display lipstick or various trinkets!
Are you going to make a nail polish rack? What do you want to learn how to make next? Tell us in the comments!

Check out Jamie’s tutorial for this awesome marbled stationary


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  • sabrina

    i love your videos and i love the way you customized your nail polish rack keep up the good work

  • kate

    I <3 it! Ive got just enugh steps o

  • Kate

    I love it ! And little suggestion is : how to make a lucky charm 🙂 love you Jamie !!!