It’s freaking cold today, you guys. Like BEYOND cold. We’re apparently dealing with a “polar vortex,” which I did not even know was a thing until The Weather Channel told me about it. Basically, we’re all experiencing glacial temperatures today, and it isn’t fun. I started crying when I walked outside because my eyes didn’t know what to do. So it’s safe to say that we all need some warming up. And I have just the thing. Watch these two adorable little girls sing “Let It Go” from Frozen. It’ll put a smile on your face and warm you up for, like, five seconds.

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Hayley is crushing on our very own Jamie Petitto!

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  • Michelena

    that was so freaking cute

  • Zayah

    that was adorable!

  • cutegurl

    i loved this video i hope the maker knows this