We talk so much about if it’s okay to date someone older than you and have a lot of advice on that topic. But what about dating someone younger than you? Our very own editor Jess is dating a younger guy and has dealt with some ridicule for it, which is silly because they are totally perfect together. This week on Sexy Times, Caitlin gives you advice on dating someone younger and has tips on how to get your friends to stop joking about your relationship.
Have you ever dated someone younger than you? Did you get made fun of for it? How did you handle it? Tell us in the comments!

How do you know if you’re leading someone on?


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  • jess

    I am 18 and a senior in High School, dating a 16 year old in 10th grade. My friend often give me a hard time about it saying he is” abusive” and other stuff that is totally false! I sometimes get annoyed by it but, at the end of the day I just let it role off my back because i’m not trying to please them its my life to live and, its ultimuitly my choice who I end up dating

    • Knowitall

      You go girl!!!!!!!

    • gilda

      if they’re saying he’s abusive, there’s probably a reason?! make sure you’re not blocking out anything bad about him to yourself just because you like him so much.

  • Knowitall

    I want to know what other kinds of people are out there…. How do you do casual dating??? What are the do’s donts of doing that????
    Heeeeeelp please.

  • AnnaLee

    How do you date someone goes to a different school?