When you break up with someone, they don’t just disappear completely from your life. You might still see them around even if you don’t want to. Or you might still be friends with your ex. But what should you do if your ex is kind of obsessed with you and won’t leave you alone? On this week’s episode of Sexy Times, Caitlin has tips on how to deal with a creepy ex and the steps you should take to get them to stop bothering you. Watch and learn how to get them off your back!
Have you ever had an ex that wouldn’t leave you alone? Tell us in the comments!

How do you know if you’re leading someone on?


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  • drianalove217

    So i had a boyfriend and when we broke up we were not speaking but now everything i do he always makes a negative comment and now is my worst enemy, What do i do to make it stop?

  • sammantha

    So i had this boyfriend and he stop texting and than he texted me one day and told me we were still dateing how do you replay to that when you thought he was trying to break up with you

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