Today’s hilarious animal video is a compilation of dogs who are terrified to walk past cats and that’s because it’s, well, hilarious. I love this video because it reminds me of my own cat and dog. My cat is very tiny and my dog is pretty big (she’s a German Shephard/hound mix, just in case you were wondering), but that doesn’t stop my cat from trying to pull some pretty nasty stuff. She does this thing where she sits on my couch and waits for my dog to walk by just so she can lunge at her with her claws out and try to scratch her/play with her. It’s fascinating.

Sometimes my dog gets really mad and growls at her, but most of the time she just runs away whimpering like a little baby. It’s basically amazing to watch my 8-pound cat scare my 90-pound dog. I am really glad this is happening to other pets, too, because I was starting to think my cat was a bully and it was making me sad. So, for some LOLs, watch this compilation of dogs terrified to walk past cats. Enjoy!

Did you think this video was funny? Do you have a cat or dog or both? Tell me in the comments.


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