Since winter is coming and the weather is getting super duper cold, it’s not only time for the holidays…it’s time for chapped lips and dry skin! Chapped lips are the worst, but regular old ChapStick isn’t really that appealing. You still want yummy, kissable lips in case you get stuck under a mistletoe, right? Right! This week on Do It, Gurl! Jamie shows you how to make not one, not two, not three, but FOUR flavors of lip balm. That’s right! You can make these delicious concoctions for yourself or make them as gifts for all of your friends. Watch and learn!
Are you going to make your own lip balm? What flavor? What do you want to see Jamie craft next? Tell us in the comments!

Check out Jamie’s awesome puzzle necklace


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  • meg

    Its really cool , Jamie.

  • _girliegurl

    I love the cranberry one! It is a winter flavor and has a little bit of sparkle.

  • renan

    i organized a lip balm makin contest wid my frenz

  • dahlia

    Happy Birthday Jamie!