Yesterday Hayley talked about her crush on Thanksgiving and named some dishes she’s excited for on Thursday. But Hayley also thinks there are some other foods that should definitely be a part of Thanksgiving dinner. For today’s Foodsday Tuesday episode, she’s picked five dishes that she wishes were included as part of the annual holiday meal and sharing why she thinks they deserve to be considered Thanksgiving staples.

Watch the video now to see the five foods that Hayley is hoping make it onto her Thanksgiving table. Check back in here tomorrow afternoon for another new episode of What’s Up With Hayley!

Does your family serve any of these foods on Thanksgiving? What other non-traditional dishes do you think should be a part of Thanksgiving? What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Tell us in the comments!

Hayley’s Holiday Crush On Thanksgiving

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  • Eva-Elodie

    Burittos, Soup, Pizza, Cake, hot chocolate… OH MY GOSH. Love these suggestions. I honestly think we should include pork, fish, lamb, chicken, There should be alternatives for people who aren’t turkey fans, you know???