When you were into toys, were you ever annoyed that everything was pink and sparkly? I love pink and sparkles just as much as everyone else and firmly believe that glitter is acceptable all the time. But it’s annoying that there aren’t many options for girls. I would always steal my brother’s toys because I liked them better, and my fear of dolls meant that I was not into Barbie or anything else that could stare at me with creepy eyes in the middle of the night. I’ve mentioned GoldieBlox before. They’re a company who makes toys for girls to show them that there are more options than just dolls and “girly” things. And they are awesome. Their latest commercial is amazing and features some fierce girls building a Rube Goldberg Machine to some re-written lyrics of the Beastie Boys’ “Girls”. The result is flawless.

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  • Chels

    OMG!! That is the coolest toy commercial I’ve ever seen in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!! Girl Power FTW!!