I get to watch a lot of animal videos every day (it’s kind of my job, what can I say?) and so I’m always sort of maxing out on cuteness. But this video… this video is on another level, you guys. I don’t even think I can handle how adorable it is because OMG PANDAS.

Seriously, how are pandas even real? HOW? I can’t deal with the fact that pandas exist and I haven’t met one yet. This video will explain why: it’s a baby panda meeting it’s mom for the first time and if you can’t understand while I’m freaking out while writing this, you will once you watch it. It’s the sweetest thing you’ll ever see. I literally… I have no other words.

Did you think this video was cute? What’s your favorite kind of animal? What’s your favorite animal video? Tell me in the comments!


The Animal’s Guide on Taking The Perfect Selfie
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  • emmama000

    It’s so abnosome!!!!

  • Jillian