Last week, Jamie went to VidCon and hung out at the Alloy Booth with Mari from Smosh, a bunch of y’all and our very own Ethan Fixell from our Ask A Guy column. On this week’s episode, Jamie shows Ethan how to make a duct tape flower pen, which you can make too! It’s super easy. All you need is a pen, duct tape and scissors. Watch and learn how to make your own. AND Jamie and Ethan are doing an awesome giveaway to win a prize pack of signed banana socks, Bananagrams AND the blue/pink flower pens they made. To enter, follow and tweet @jamiepetitto and @gurldotcom and use the hashtag #BananaGurl. Good luck!
For more information, read the Official Rules of the Vidcon Tweetstakes here.
Did you make some duct tape pens? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Christa

    Can u please make the DIY more clear my showing all the steps.

  • Diana

    Hey Jamie can u please do a back to school DIY like a girl requested in the comments for your previous DIY.