There is only one reason for taking a selfie: you want to show the world how cute/adorable/sexy you are. And maybe it’s also a combination of being bored, but, that’s really it. So wouldn’t it be helpful to know some tricks that will help you learn how to take a perfect selfie?

Well, animals are here to guide you. Thanks to Buzzfeed, this video on an animal’s guide to selfies exists and I love it. I love animal “selfie” pictures. It’s like, I know they’re not actually taking a selfie because that would be impossible, but it’s still fun to imagine that they really are. Anyway, learn all the secrets to perfect selfies in this cute video:

Did you think this video was funny and cute? What are your tips on the perfect selfie? Tell me in the comments.


You have to watch this man talk his tiny dog

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  • Gallia

    Love the music and message. Oh, and the pictures.