Happy Monday, everyone! It’s time of Hayley to reveal one of her crushes, and today’s is on an awesome band that churns out catchy jams. Karmin is a musical duo made up of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, and the band happens to be Hayley’s latest crush! From their covers to their original songs, Hayley can’t get enough of Karmin.

Watch the video now to hear all the reasons that Hayley is crushing on Karmin! Be sure you’re back here again tomorrow afternoon for another new episode of What’s Up With Hayley!

Have you heard of Karmin? Do you have a favorite song by them? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Talia

    I saw Karmin live the other day as the opening act for the Jonas Brothers, and I was honestly really upset – not because they did badly, but because the audience was just not that receptive! (Granted we’d been waiting about 3 hours at that point, but still). I think Karmin is a great pair and live they are even more excellent 🙂 Girl (and boy!) have pipes!