I was so excited that Jamie was going to learn how to drive stick shift in this week’s episode of See Gurl Try! I don’t have a car in New York, but at home I drove a stick and loved it. I miss it so much! Learning to drive manually isn’t as hard as you think, and once you get it, you get it! You get to connect with your car and really feel like you’re in control. It’s awesome! So watch Jamie learn how to drive stick shift and try it yourself!
Do you know to drive stick? What should Jamie try next? Tell us in the comments!

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  • ellie

    soo muchh

  • ellie

    i love true love

  • Amy

    I live in the UK and am 17 (the age u need to be to start driving). I am learning how to drive a ‘stick shift’ cos that’s what we mostly drive over here and I thought that was such a weird way to teach someone to drive! Why did u put it into neutral before you stopped? And I was taught to press the gas and lift the clutch till you get to the bite point or ‘sweet spot’ before you release the handbrake. I know there’s obviously different ways of doing it but I just thought that looked strange and more difficult than the way it’s taught over here.

  • GGsTrotter

    Someone please answer my question?!?!

  • GGsTrotter

    What is your defenition of slacking???

  • Tashiana

    next you should try slacklining!!!! 😀

  • GGsTrotter

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