Remember that super adorable Cheerios commercial from a while back featuring an interracial family? Well, people were really upset about it because racism. The Fine Bros wanted to find out what America’s youth thought about the issue, so they asked a bunch of kids to watch. And guess what? They were like “It’s a commercial, what’s the big deal?” When they were told how angry people were about the commercial, all of the kids said that was stupid and people are people, regardless of skin color. And they’re right, obviously. So watch these super cute kids be really wise.

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  • Lanae

    Truthfully , when I first saw this commercial on tv I didn’t even look at the race . It was like in my mind I was seeing a little girl being cute by taking the Cheerios commercial slogan literal. It wasn’t until I saw this video I realized she was mixed and that doesn’t matter at all.
    I applaud these kids for standing up for what’s right.

  • Kristen

    I expected this video to what it was, except these kids were way more intelligent than expected. These children are smarter than most of the adults in this world. They know that words can hurt and that it doesn’t matter what you look like. It doesn’t change who you are, or your beliefs. Its what you’re taught to see as right and wrong. Those people who find interacial families wrong are alive in the wrong era and probably don’t believe in equality either. (When that little girl started crying. It was amazing because the can see how wrong somethings in this world STILL are.)

  • Angel

    I saw this video when it was first posted! It was so good, that I shared it everywhere! I love how children are so real and intuitive! I love how they simply ended it where it did instead of putting their usual ending at the end 🙂