I was super pumped to see cheerleading in the lineup of See Gurl Try episodes because I was a cheerleader for nine years! I lived cheerleading back in my day. I still have my uniform! Anyway, Jamie played soccer and ran cross country so wanted to give cheerleading a try for y’all. It’s harder than you think! Jamie learns a few 8-counts of a cheer routine from a competitive cheerleader and picks it up pretty quickly. Watch and see how she does!

Do you cheer? If not, does this make you want to try it? What should Jamie try next?

See Jamie learn baton twirling!

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  • Kara

    you did a lot better than me on my first day of cheer XD

  • jenny

    Jamie I love your work I love do it gurl AND see gurl try I think your awesome and I have an idea for a new see gurl try video try learning the spelling and definition of really big words and can I guest star in it I can teach you them and quiz you on it