This week on See Gurl Try, Jamie tackles the art of baton twirling! True story: my mom was a baton twirler, and I was always secretly jealous. It’s just so cool! Baton twirling looks super complicated and tough, but Jamie shows us that you actually can pick it up pretty quickly. Maybe we’ll give it a try in the office! Watch and learn for yourself!
Have you ever tried baton twirling? What should Jamie try next? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Jenna

    Baton twirling IS tough and complicated. A tumb flip isn’t a trick, a thumb toss is which was only done at the end. They DO call them figure eights, and flat spins are actually called horizontals. It pisses me off that baton twirling is now perceived as easy for everyone after ten minutes. The routine was off pattern all over the place and I don’t know if your “friend” even knows anything above VERY basic baton twirling. I’ve been a twirler for 6 years and trust me, we do more than march in parades. Try doing a thumb toss, spinning multiple times, then catching it. Or rolling it over your left elbow, left wrist, right wrist, right elbow, right upper arm, and then catching it. This is what the five year olds learn, but they learn it right! This greatly insults me and I think it’s safe to say all other baton twirlers out there who know what they’re actually doing!!!!! I will not be viewing any other videos here due to this blasphemy!