Rejecting someone can be really tough to do, but what if that person is your friend? And what happens after that? If you’ve turned a guy friend down, sometimes the friendship goes away. It totally sucks! This week on Sexy Times, Caitlin has advice on what to do when you reject a guy friend but miss the friendship. She’s been through it before so she can definitely relate! Hopefully you can get your friend back!
Have you ever rejected a friend? Did it end your friendship? What happened? Tell us in the comments

How do you break up with someone?

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  • JóH RédFíéld

    no offense but, that kind of advice sucks. If a guy declares to you, and you reject him, just don’t look for him after, damn it’s common knowledge, like rejecting a girl and still say like “i want to be your friend” is more like “I don’t like all what you are, just some parts”

  • Abed

    It’s the classic sitcom seeing your friend naked situation. Friendships work because neither person is better than the other. He’s embarrassed himself, thus the balance of power is destroyed. In order to restore the equilibrium, you then have to embarrass yourself in some equivalent way, which will put you back on an equal level. It’s not necessarily fair, but it’s kind of just the way things work. He made himself vulnerable and said he was into you; maybe if you tell him some confession or something personal about yourself that you had kept hidden, then it’ll satisfy the emotional transaction and order can be restored.

  • bob


    • Nathella

      No need to be negative I found this video very helpful