If you’re a bookworm like me, you should be super excited for this episode. Hayley’s latest crush hails from the literary world and has written a bunch of fantastic novels. So who is it? YA author Sarah Dessen! Oh, did we mention that one time Hayley actually met her?! Yeah, be jealous.

Watch the video now to hear Hayley spill all the reasons for her crush on Sarah Dessen (and to find out which of Sarah’s books is Hayley’s fave!). Of course, make sure you’re back here again tomorrow for yet another new episode of What’s Up With Hayley!

Have you read any books by Sarah Dessen? Do you have a favorite one? Who are some other YA authors that you like? Tell us in the comments!

Hayley has the scoop on Robert Pattinson’s love life.

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  • kara

    im kinda obsessed with sarah dessen and her books, so i saw her name in this and i was like woahh i gotta watch this