I’ve been listening to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack what some may call an “obsessive amount.” But now my love of Anna Kendrick is continuing to grow as she stars in this new Funny or Die video where the actress/singer tries to make herself the sixth member of the awesome K-Pop girl group, f(x). It’s clear from the start that Anna can’t keep up with f(x) in terms of the singing, dancing and general cool factor, but can a lot of hard work and practice get her performance ready? You gotta watch to find out. Now, excuse me while I go listen to f(x)’s “Electric Shock” for the umpteenth time today (it’s so good!).

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  • Bunnie

    Talk about love f(x) girls! <3 I dont know.. I'm afraid, I love them the wya they are haha <3.<3

  • :)

    I LOVE F(X)