Want a gorgeous corsage but don’t want to spend a bajillion dollars? (Yeah, bajillion is a number. Ask your math teacher. But, like, don’t tell her we told you to, OK?) Well, then Jamie’s got just the craft for you. This is an awesome way to save money on Prom so you can spend more on the stuff that counts…like post-Prom snacks!

Also, check out Jamie DIY Corsage Package Giveaway to make your very own corsage!

What parts of Prom are you going to splurge on and which are you going to save on?Tell us in the comments!

Amazing Prom shoe idea that’s totally budget friendly!

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    HI JAMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I WAS WONDERING IF YOU COULD DO MORE WREATH VIDEOS

  • roselove445

    Could you do a video on how to do hair. In all your videos you have really fun (and well done hair) that would look really fun with my dress. Please teach us how to do it.