Sunglasses are one of the best accessories! They’re practical, allow for you to get out of unwanted eye contact from strangers and are a good fashion statement. But sometimes sunglasses can be so plain and boring, right? Decorated sunglasses are all the rage this spring, and Jamie has an awesome DIY for you. On this week’s Do It, Gurl she shows you how to customize your sunglasses!

Did you spruce up your sunglasses? What did you do to them? Tell us in the comments!

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  • caroline

    can you make a video on how to make something to hold your earings in. you are the best i wish i could see you in real life

  • caroline

    hi I’ve seen that you are wearing the nail polish

  • Owshieannarose

    I’ve done this before 🙂 well actually I added glitter, one pair i added bunny ears and then a pair of ones that look like the pair lady gaga is wearing on the fame album cover/

    • caroline

      thats dumb