Two of the cutest things in the world are animals and kids (and the octopus Emoji, obviously). So when you mix them together, the result is an adorable video that will make you smile no matter what mood you’re in.

This particular cute animal video is about a little boy who is playing dress-up with his dog. I can’t decide what’s cuter: the dog in the stroller, the dog licking the milk or the kid’s voice. I can, however, decide what’s creepiest: the dad’s voice in the background saying things like, “Look at her tongue.” Look, dude, I know you’re not trying to be creepy, but… just maybe stop talking.

Have you ever played dress-up with your pets? What’s your favorite animal video? What do you think is the cutest thing in the world? Tell me in the comments.


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  1. avatar 1Mely2 says:

    My favorite funny/cute video was of this baby laughing so cute because of ripped paper :)

  2. avatar Jane says:

    it’s a video of these kids having their first kisses ever it’s soo cute! most adorable thing ever, it makes you blush for them!
    here it is:

  3. avatar basschick says:

    thanks for this :)

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