This is probably one of the most terrifying things ever. Like if I had to list my top five fears, this would be on that list. This poor girl was filming a tutorial using a curling wand and burns her hair off. Actually burns it off like when Jo burns off Meg’s hair in Little Women.

It seriously freaks me out to watch it. I can’t imagine my hair just coming clean off stuck to my curling wand. I would crawl in a hole and cry for days and call my stylist to come to my apartment and fix it.

I feel all the feels for this girl, but this is a great opportunity for a lesson. She uses TreSemme Split Remedy in the video and a curling wand that appears to have several heat settings. On her Facebook page, she says her stylist told her that the spray caused this to happen. Nope, I’m not buying it. She didn’t use any heat protectants on her hair and clearly had the heat on too high of a setting.

So let’s go over some cardinal rules of using hot tools on your hair:

Always use a heat protectant! Always, always, always! I don’t care if you’re blow drying, straightening, curling or using hot rollers. You should never use heat on your hair without using a heat protectant first. Apply to damp hair before drying and spray on sections before using a tool.

Make sure the setting is correct for your hair type! Homegirl clearly has finer hair, which means she shouldn’t be using a high setting. I know it’s tempting to turn your curling iron on high to work faster, but it’s dangerous. Some tools get up to over 450 degrees! Be aware of what your hair can handle.

Don’t hold the tool on your hair for too long! A few seconds is more than enough. I never hold a tool on my hair for more than 10 seconds, and this girl recommended 20 or more! These tools are hot and using them for too long will cause burning.

If your hair is steaming or smoking, remove it from the heat! You can tell that her hair is starting to smoke, but she leaves it on. Some products will emit steam when you’re working with heat, but if you see an abnormal amount, your hair could be burning. And if you start smelling a rotten smell like burning sulfur, remove your hair from the heat immediately!

When if comes to hot tools, be smart! Don’t be careless and allow your hair to burn off.

Has this ever happened to you? Do you use heat protectants on your hair? Tell me in the comments!

Your hair dye could be dangerous too, so be careful!

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  • 1Mely2

    LOL I saw this video and I litterally laughed my butt out!:) hahah I watched it like four times!!!!! ( on youtube)

  • Popadom101

    …Why did she film it?

    • Bella Hessell

      Ummm, she was filming a tutorial for curling hair!