If you haven’t seen Pitch Perfect, you should do so ASAP. Anna Kendrick’s character, Beca, auditions for The Bellas using “The Cup Song.” This little trick went viral a few years ago when Lulu and The Lampshades used cups to accompany their song, “You’re Gonna Miss Me.” It’s probably one of the coolest things ever, and Jamie is giving it a go in this week’s episode of See Gurl Try!

What did you think of Jamie’s rendition of The Cup Song? Can you do it? What should Jamie try next? Tell us in the comments!

See Gurl Try singing in public at an open mic!

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  • kaelyn

    Now Jamie and i can have something in common! <3

  • Sara

    I learned the cup song in an hour.

  • Kat

    Hi Jamie, so for your show “See Girl Try” you should include how much time does it take to like learn the cup song or whatever else you will try. 🙂