No matter how much you clean, you usually have random trinkets that don’t seem to have a home in your room. And you always need a good place to store candy! But throwing odd-objects into a drawer or leaving candy in the bag isn’t the prettiest option. This week on Do It, Gurl! Jamie shows you how to make these super adorable traced jars that you can store anything in. Fill them with whatever you want, and spruce up your space!

Did you try making these jars? What did you fill them with? Tell us in the comments!


It’s not too late to make this Valentine’s Day heart garland!

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  • Sophia

    I should totes try this out!

  • Lauren

    I made a jar with color text. I did one for writing, make up, and coins. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Rosie

    Could you give us scrapbooking ideas pls?