Having white teeth these days seems to be a cosmetic staple, but it can be really expensive (and scary) to get them whitened professionally. At-home whitening kits are getting more and more budget friendly, and now there are all sorts of options from strips to gels to trays. Before you take the pearly white plunge, watch Jamie try this at home whitening technique!

Have you ever tried at home teeth whitening? Which whitener did you use? Have you gotten your teeth professionally whitened? What should Jamie try next? Tell us in the comments!

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  • dana

    i have braces.. would it be okay to use peroxide or the baking soda?

  • bakerychaz

    I LOVE See Gurl Try and Do It, Gurl!

    Hey Jamie – could you maybe try inventing a new cocktail or meal?

    • Jamie

      Great idea! I don’t know if Gurl will let me do anything alcohol-y, but I’ll totally add this idea to the mix!! Thanks!!