My favorite thing about the Super Bowl has nothing to do with football and everything to do with adorable baby animals. I mean, obviously. There’s no doubt in my mind that the always amazing Puppy Bowl is going to be my favorite thing about this weekend.

You might be saying the same after you watch this behind the scenes video. Not only are there a ton of the cutest little puppies I’ve ever seen, but there are also tiny kittens and hedgehogs that I want to steal and keep as my own pet. I’ve decided that I have a new goal in life: to work for the Puppy Bowl. Think about it. But seriously… prep for the epic Puppy Bowl by watching this right now. Even if you’re a football fan, you’ll look forward to the actual show:

Are you going to watch the Puppy Bowl? What are your Super Bowl plans? Tell me in the comments.


This puppy doesn’t want to wake up

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  • Katie

    I always love to watch the Puppy Bowl! I’ve watched it since the fith bowl.