Chalkboards are basically the newest decor staple to have in your room these days. People are turning everything into chalkboards because they’re so darn cute and useful! In this week’s Do It, Gurl Jamie shows you how to make adorable chalkboard sign. It’s perfect for staying organized, and your friends can leave you sweet messages!

Learn how to make a precious key holder!

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  1. avatar Melgurl says:


  2. avatar Katie says:

    You should do a DIY of the pink laytex and gold chain!! I really want to try it!!

  3. avatar Ellie says:

    Jamie, I LOVE your ideas! I was wondering if you coul do a video on how to make your own cookie cutters? Basically my friends and I are all single at the moment, and with Valentine’s Day coming up we’re having a girlie movie day, and we’re going to be silly and have ‘broken heart’ cookies! Haha, problem is I haven’t found any broken heart shapes to buy.. so if you could do a video on how to make your own cookie cutters, that would be great! Thanks, I love your videos! :)

  4. avatar ella says:

    umm i think you should have a seperate website for the see gurl try and the do it gul because there is a lot of inappropriate stuff on this website that i dont think kids should see yet.

  5. avatar piplup417 says:

    OMG I love your show!!! I have an idea for your next show. it is… UPCYCLING! you take pieces of clothing and make it new and unique.

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