Yes, I realize that saying this is the best Taylor Swift cover ever created is a pretty bold statement – but it’s also so, so true. The acapella group Walk Off The Earth made an acapella version of T Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” and I’m not even trying to sound like a hater when I say it’s about 90 percent better than the original song. It’s so good. They even managed to incorporate the dubstep sound, so I’m seriously impressed. I’ve already spent the majority of my morning listening to this, and I’m sure my afternoon will be spent the same way.


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  • Lil

    This is amazing!

  • JustDMarie

    I love WOTE! At my local bikeshop we always have one of their covers/songs playing… So awesome 😀

  • laura

    OMG its krnfx! 😀