Yo, girl! It’s 2013. Let’s get this year started off right by getting organized. Jamie has the absolute cutest way to keep your days straight with this magnetic calendar. It’s totally customized and totally cute!

What on your calendar are you most looking forward to in 2013? Tell us in the comments!

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  • fashionistaxoxo

    i love your videos jamie

  • Lauren

    My calender is pretty cool to me. I wish I had a picture. I made poka dots for January, stripes for February and hearts for March for dates. I’m going to make more soon for the next months.thanks for the inspiration Jamie.

  • Paige

    Jamie you are really funny I love your videos

  • Taylor

    Jamie can u teach us how to decorate a box and turn it into a friendship box?!?!?
    Please let me know! We can use deisigner paper, and craft glue! Oh and just to let ya know, I did my own version of the recycled desk organizer! And people r saying this is ur last year!? Is it true???

  • ashly

    i need to make a ugly christmas sweaters but i don’t know how to help me

  • Success

    Dat my best day

  • Sasha

    Jamie your very talented and you have a lot of patience but for me that is too much and I don’t have the patience