When you’re together with someone for a long time, things can start to change. Something change is good…but sometimes change can be bad. And it’s tough to know the difference. That’s exactly what this week’s video is about. Sara’s helping a girl figure out what to do about a boyfriend who’s change a lot and how to tell when it’s time to move on.

Have you ever dated someone and then been upset when they changed? Tell us in the comments!

Should You Take Him Back?!

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  1. avatarSara says:

    My boyfriend was so addicted to me wanted to see me everydayif he would spend a night with out me he would want us to chat until late.but now his fine with us skipping a few days before we can see each other and won’t chat with me until late.plz help with good advise.

  2. avatarJennifer says:

    Great advice! Thanks Sara!!

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