Look at your fingers, girl. Do they need a little fancying up before the ball drops? Well, Jamie has the perfect fancy schmancy manicure to get your digits dance floor ready for New Year’s Eve!

What’s your favorite at-home manicure tip? Tell us in the comments!

Try This Too Cute Plaid Manicure!

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  • jojo23

    u rock and the videos are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iva123

    it was fun and cool

  • Taylor

    Is there a person named Niall who commented on my website? If that is u please reply!

  • Taylor

    Jamie go to my website http://www.taylorjade.webstarts.com! Don’t forget to comment on the guest book!

  • Taylor

    I luv u! Jamie I luv ur videos! Please reply

    • Jamie

      Hi Taylor! so glad you love my videos! Thank you for watching!

  • Emma

    The colors I used was a pink a teal and a baby blue