Oh hey! Another Ask A Naked Guy mash up! This week, we’re asking the dudes what they call sex, how they feel about a girl paying on a first date, their moms, their worst meeting the dad story and co-ed friendships.

Oh, and big news. This is our last Ask A Naked Guy episode for a while. Kate and Mari will still be poking around Gurl and the naked dudes should be making an appearance too. So, stay tuned!

What would you ask a naked guy if you could? Tell us in the comments!

Ask A Naked Guy All About Friend Drama!

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  • Kat Isakova

    I am eternally in love with the guy at 0:47…. what is his name???? if he reads this… not to be stalkerish but if u wanna chat on fb im Kat Salvatore. Lol. I had to at least try..

    • Kat Isakova

      I meant to say 0;40-43 not 0:47

  • Liv

    So are the guest stars always guys from youtube channels?