Still looking for the perfect homemade holiday gift? Well, here’s another suggestion from Jamie. Give a super warm, super snuggly and super personalized pair of holiday gloves! Jamie’s going to show you how.

Make An Adorable Snow Globe! It’s So Easy!

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  1. avatar caroline says:

    they are cute answer please

  2. avatar Sophia says:

    Will you be my bestie, Jamie! Please reply, Love, Ella

  3. avatar Taylor says:

    Please reply Jamie or answer
    How old r u???
    R u awesome???
    And is Brit your bestie???

    • avatar Jamie says:

      I am 18, I am super awesome, and I am just friends with Brit. Btw u r the one awesome!

    • avatar Jamie says:

      Hey Taylor! (My niece is named Taylor!)
      I am 27 years old.
      I hope I am awesome?!?!?!
      Brit IS the best, but she lives so far away! I’ve got some great besties here in Los Angeles and back home in Chicago, where I’m from!


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