Welcome to Ask A Naked Guy: Mash-Ups Edition. We’re getting the naked truth from a bunch of naked guys about the topics you want to know about. This week, we’re talking cheating, friends with benefits, exes, hair down there and sex. Prepare to have your questions answered.

What would you ask a naked guy about love or sex? Tell us in the comments!

How Should You act AFTER A Date?!

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  • Stephmalone

    Why do guys always scratch themselves or reposition themselves?
    Is the penis that big or what?

    Has any uncut guy ever have a foreskin infection and how was it treated?

    What age does a boy retract his foreskin and was it cool or painful?

  • sex cedes

    I think any one who see this is sexy

  • Liv

    Can I please have the name and number of the cute brown skin guy?!!!!!

  • Bella Hessell

    Did you have your knickers on, orr, not…

  • DD

    Lol, every seven seconds.

  • pinkheart

    Nothing is better than a bunch of naked guys. We dont admit it but we like them naked to. Maybe someday they will make a movie with a bunch of hot athletic naked guys taking a shower.