Eek! Kristina’s getting waxed for the very first time. Ever thought about getting waxed, but were worried about the pain? Yeah, well, Kristina is too. But, she’s going for it, just to give you the real deal on what a little hot wax mixed with some hair can be.

Also, big news! This is Kristina’s last See Gurl Try video (sadness), but not the last of her you’ll see on Gurl (happiness), and Jamie’s going to be hosting See Gurl Try in 2013 (super happiness)! Have ideas for what Jamie should try in 2013? Leave ‘em in the comments below.

What would you do if a friend said she was getting waxed for the first time? Have you ever gotten waxed? Tell us in the comments!

See Gurl Try Getting Curly Hair Without Heat!

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  • Jeanna

    Why is kristina leaving

  • Cee Love

    More professional or expensive places actually spray your areas to be waxed with numbing spray to reduce the pain.