Tough love alert! Should you take him back?! Hmm, well, Sara’s helping a girl deal with a break up that just won’t stick. She keeps getting back together with her ex and she wants to know how she can tell if she should really trust him again. Well, Sara’s got three words for this girl, “one and done.” As in, break up with him once and never get back together with him again. It’s tough to hear, but Sara will walk you through how to break up and stay broken with your ex.

Do you think it’s ever okay to take him back? Would you take a guy back? Tell us in the comments!

How To Get Mom And Dad To Like Your Guy

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  • Amy

    Hey Sara.
    I really like this boy, and I think he likes me. He flirts with me loads and says the nicest things but he just talks about sex all the time, how do I know if he’s just looking for a hook up, or a relationship?