This week we have a very special guest…naked baby Harrison! We think he’s our cutest guest to ever sit on the red couch. Do you agree? Harrison has some real advice that we think is pretty spot on. Let us know your thoughts. And if your thought is just “AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!” we want to hear that too.

Do you love babies? Do you think the guys you like sometimes act like babies?! Tell us in the comments!

What Presents Does He Really Want?!

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  • Indigo

    Ha! So cute! Babies…

  • Selo94

    Kate: How would you say to a girl, “I really like you”?
    Harrison: [touches boob]

  • india4

    very,Very VERY, cute!

  • feminizm rulez bro!

    very, very strange.