You know how people always say cats and dogs just can’t get along? Well, this video kind of proves that. Also it’s just really cute. This little dog is so excited and he wants to play so bad. He’s like, “OMG OMG OMG OMG give me that toy, let’s play, let’s play!” and this cat is just sort of chilling on the bed and he’s like, “dude, I’m sleeping, get away from me or I’m going to hurt you. No, seriously.”

The cat in this video is totally the boss – just watch how he puts this tiny dog in his place. Okay, I’ll stop talking about these animals like they’re people now. I can’t help it! I just really love animals. Watch this for yourself:


What kind of pet do you have? What’s your favorite animal? What do you like better, dogs or cats? Tell us in the comments! 


Scared baby red pandas are the cutest

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  • Indigo

    I have a 12 year old yellow lab, Bella, who’s a really awesome, sweet dog. She’s old now, so she can’t play much, but what’s really cute is when she tries to play with my rabbit, Ashley. I absolutely LOVE my rabbit because she’s really adorable and nice. She’s a black lop (her ears are floppy) and she’s awesome because she never bites and only occasionally scratches, but she won’t let me pick her up. Rabbits are definitely my favorite animal be ause of how adorable and interesting they are. What’s funny is that she’s only in my room, so if someone opens my door, she’ll often race super fast towards the door to try to get out. Anyway, so Bella will be wagging her tail and go up to Ashley and sort of nudge her like a puppy. I like dogs better than cats, meaning I wouldn’t exactly want a cat, but they are adorable to watch.