Smoking’s gross. There are no two ways about it. We say avoid cigarettes any and every way you can. It’s nasty to be around someone when they’ve been smoking. But, when the dude you love is a smoker, it’s tough to avoid…and it can be tough to stay attracted to someone with such an icky habit. Sara’s here to give you some advice on how to deal with dating a smoker, asking him to quit and deciding if you stick around.

Do you know anyone who’s quit smoking? Would you date a smoker? Talk about it in the comments!

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  • Liz

    My boyfriend smokes and he knows I hate it. His teeth are getting bad and i told him im not kissin them if they get too bad cuz i dont want wat he has and hes always breaking teeth or getting them infected. i told him i worry bout his health and losing him and if we ever have kids i dont want them to get health issues such as asthma or ear infections plus i dont want them to smoke when they get older. he just says everything willl b fine. he also gets angry with me and says stuff like oh god sarcastically or to just stop caring which i wish i didnt care anymore cuz its making me insane. i love him to death but i wish he would listen to me for once. he alwats says he’s guna quit but ends up buyin more cigs and says he failed but idk if hes actually trying or just saying that so ill feel better. i thought i could live with him but the smokings just getting to me. not to mention that his whole family smokes. i feel he doesnt care but he says he does and that he listens and doesnt always take my advice. he broke a tooth a couple weeks ago but refused to go to the or dentist er even when i offered to help pay it cuz he has no insurance. i told him if he lets it go theyll get worse overtime like my friends did and we even showed him her teeth and asked if he wants his to get like that but of course he said yes. i dont know wat to do anymore cuz i feel i care but he doesnt.

    • Liz

      plus he says he smokesafter eating to speed up his metabolism so he dont get fat. his mom does the same. ivebtried tellin and showing him the long term effects and he says scare tactics dont work on him. he says the higher metabolism is a proven fact and that i cant deny it. plz help me this is really buggin the shit outta me and starting to effect our relationship.

  • kelsey

    Is dating a older guy with a kid bad? should I look for someone my age?